The Team 

  • Myan Spaccarelli

    Founder of For The Need Foundation 

    Myan’s passion comes from personal experience of growing up in a home with foster children. Eventually his parents adopted a young girl which became his sister. His family would attend holiday parties for the foster children where gifts would be handed out. Myan, who was not a foster child, still received a gift as well. This left a deep impression and sparked a desire to always give children happiness through gifts. Thus, For the Need Foundation was born. At first, this consisted of annual holiday parties at children’s hospital. Here we are 20 years later looking to expand beyond just an annual holiday party. Always having the heart to mentor children, Myan has created a mentorship program for homeless youth. What was once a party one time a year is now a daily commitment to the community. For the Need Foundation provided monthly mentorships, activities and resources for children who do not have a home or access to opportunities.

  • Viviana Spaccarelli 

    Co-Founder of For The Need Foundation 

    Meet Viviana Spaccarelli. Viviana was born and grew up in Lima, Peru until she was 17 years old, where she saw a lot of poverty around; like children selling candy, washing car windows, or begging for money to survive in the streets. It was in her heart ever since she was a teenager to help children in need. Viviana received her bachelor’s degree in Child Development, and she received her Bilingual teaching credential for elementary school children after that. She has always loved children. In 2000, Viviana along with her husband Myan hosted a Holiday party for children with AIDS. Every year, they have had a Holiday Party for children in need and it has always been her favorite day of the year. In 2004, Viviana and Myan founded For the Need Foundation. Viviana is the Events Coordinator and organizer of these events. Viviana and Myan have three children who have always participated with the For the Need Foundation events since they were born. Viviana looks forward to continuing helping and making a difference for more children in need through the Bow and Arrow Program.

  • Bridgette Marquette

    Project Specialist

    This is Bridgette. She is a jack of all trades. She has been doing soooooo many different things for us from admin to mentorships to developing the Bow and Arrow Program. Bridgette is currently a pre-med student at UCLA. Yeah, she is a smarty pants! Bridgette is responsible for really getting the program up and running so it would all be set up while she is away studying at school. ⠀

    She loves being a part of this team because she gets to meet individuals who are truly dedicated to helping people in need. ⠀

  • Kelly Husserl


    Kelly is our marketing girl. She has always had a passion for kids and providing resources to help them succeed. Kelly used to teach elementary age kids in Nicaragua who did not have access to proper schooling. Most came from broken homes with one or no parents at all. Watching kids who are eager to learn and excel are what motivated Kelly! So when For the Need asked her for marketing help, she could not think of a better fit! She now resides in beautiful California wine country and runs a small digital marketing agency and photography business. She is so excited to help with this new program!

  • Dawn Ferguson

    Operations Manager

    Dawn was born in Los Angeles and raised in Ojai, CA. After graduating from Nordhoff High School, she pursued a Business Management Degree. For over 25 years, Dawn has worked with Executive Management in leading and completing successful projects.

    Dawn has been working with Myan Spaccarelli for almost 6 years as his Operations Manager and has been a Director with For the Need for the past 4 years.

    During Highschool she worked as a gymnastics coach working with children of all ages. A few years after graduating Highschool, she began training in Martial Arts where she became a member of the “Special Team of Role Models” for young children and worked with teaching them the respect and discipline of the art. Today, Dawn works with the Little Panthers by being a positive influence and by showing them how to have fun; while still having respect, perseverance, and indomitable spirit.

  • Danny Spaccarelli

    Recruitment and Partnerships 

    First generation American born of Italian immigrants loves our country and is forever grateful for all that was given to him and his family. What I have found in the For The Need Foundation is the opportunity to repay to our young people a small fraction of what was given to me.