Lets Get Our Facts Straight 

According to School on Wheels, a well known organization, "accurate statistics regarding the number of children without homes are difficult to obtain. The homeless population is constantly in flux. The statistics are the most recent and admittedly under-estimated."

A Shocking Overview of Homelessness in the US

- Each year on average there are around 4.2 million youth and young adults within the US who experience homelessness. Among those numbers, roughly 700,000 minors are unaccompanied. 

- Since 2007 the general homeless population has decreased by 12% during a long term trend, but has increased by 3% in a short term trend in 2019.

Potential Homeless Growth and COVID-19

- The homeless population across the US has struggled with underlying health conditions far before this pandemic hit, but the health risks associated with this population are expected to spike exponentially. 

- With 10.9 million American households who spend over 50% of their income on housing, the economical disaster caused by this pandemic could push these on the brink Americans straight into the homeless population. 

The Youth Population Who are Without a Permanent Residence in California Alone

- As of January 2019, the total number of houseless students is 263,058

            ** Youth nighttime residence across CA: Unsheltered: 10,407 Shelters: 17,299 Hotels/motels: 13,713 Doubled up: 221,639