Who Are The "Arrows" 

Children who grow up in hardship have two paths ahead of them: they either accept their situation, or they change their situation. The Arrows are those who have the courage and resolve to change their situation but lack the resources. If given the proper mentorship and guidance at a young age, these kids possess the potential to give their life a completely new direction.

Mission & Vision

Despite the homelessness and hardship, some children still believe there is a better life waiting for them and we believe that too. The Bow and Arrow Mentorship Program strives to provide youth who are experiencing homelessness with positive mentorship, stability, guidance, and activities to make that glimmer of hope come into arm’s length. Not only does Bow & Arrow strive to change the Arrow’s path in life but we are also guiding them to one day be contributors to society.

Arrow Events 

Homelessness amongst youth populations is a REAL Issue 

When families with minors or individual minors experience homelessness, the identification stems from a variety of complex issues. Click the button below to learn more about the current statistics about this problem. 

Photo by: Mario Tama/ Getty Images