Operations Manager

Dawn was born in Los Angeles and raised in Ojai, CA. After graduating from Nordhoff High School, she pursued a Business Management Degree. For over 25 years, Dawn has worked with Executive Management in leading and completing successful projects.

Dawn has been working with Myan Spaccarelli for almost 6 years as his Operations Manager and has been a Director with For the Need for the past 4 years.

During Highschool she worked as a gymnastics coach working with children of all ages. A few years after graduating Highschool, she began training in Martial Arts where she became a member of the “Special Team of Role Models” for young children and worked with teaching them the respect and discipline of the art. Today, Dawn works with the Little Panthers by being a positive influence and by showing them how to have fun; while still having respect, perseverance, and indomitable spirit.